What is a Land?

The most powerful beings of Elvantis are not free from the frivolous need for control over specific material resources. It includes possession of territories. The territories are used to grow energy that is fundamental for their incursions.
Players can use the grown energy to accelerate the recovery of a troop, raise the defence power, and even be sold on the marketplace. But this is not the only reason that makes the lands so precious for space explorers.
These territories can be important for several reasons: Strategic location, richness in rare and specific resources, protection capacity and resistance against invasions, breed of Aliens, resurrect allies and recover items lost in battles.
In Space, territories can be of different shapes and contain distinct geospatial characteristics. With possession of them, Elvantis explorers can increase their resource capture, speed up their wealth accumulation, protect their resources from looting and attack, and expand their empire.
Only the great lords and masters of Elvantis manage to own large territories and have control over the most coveted planets in the universe. Their wealth tends to grow and enlarge while they keep defeating their enemies.

Land Functions:

  • Landowners receive % of all Chest sales (% = rarity)
  • Landowners have the power to produce Energy, items, consumables and hatch eggs
  • Landowners can set a commission (which is the % of Elvantis mining rewards the landowner receives)
  • Land ownership is represented by ownership of the NFT
  • Others attributes are used in Elvantis Features.
  • and a lot more soon.

Land development and the Land Rating

In the future, Landowners will pay Elvantis for upgrade items that modify various parameters of the Land. One of the parameters it is possible to upgrade is the Land Rating and Land Fee. A higher Land Ratingyields more payout from the Daily Elvantis Allocation to Landowners.
Land Rarity
Common โญ
2 %
Rare โญโญ
4 %
Epic โญโญโญ
6 %
Legendary โญโญโญโญ
8 % + 3%
Xspace โญโญโญโญโญ
10 % + 5%
UltraGlow โญโญโญโญโญโญ
12 % + 7%
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